Cloud Player for Android Powered Phones?

Are you worried that you might loose your entire music library if your hard drive crashes or your smartphone gets stolen? How about tired of transferring music from one computer to another to another device…

To address this concern, Amazon has just released their Android supported Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. I believe this could influence the Droid Vs iPhone debate as this means that Amazon is seriously getting behind Android powered phones.

amazon cloud drive

amazon cloud drive

Cloud Drive is free online storage for your music library.

Everyone starts with 5GB free. If you purchase an MP3 album through the Amazon MP3 store, you will be upgraded to 20GB of storage! Not bad at all…

The Cloud Drive allows you to store copies of all your mp3’s whether you purchased them from Amazon or not. You can listen to the music directly from the Cloud Player (streaming straight from the Cloud). You are able to buy from Amazon and save the MP3 directly to your Cloud Drive and then download to your phone from there.

There is also a free app for your Android device that allows you to stream music from your Cloud directly to your phone or download and save the MP3 to your phone. A Nice option if available space on your Android powered Tablet or smartphone is getting a bit low. Of course you can access your Cloud Drive from any internet accessible desktop or laptop computer as well.

This could be pretty useful when integrating a new device or upgrading your phone or tablet….Time will tell whether the Cloud approach will take off with music lovers but one thing is for sure, Amazon is getting behind Android ina BIG way!

Check it out right here…


  1. Comment by Read Music — April 1, 2011 @ 4:21 pm

    I think I know what a Cloud Player is now. How is that different from Rhapsody (which I’ve had for over five years)?

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