Top 5 Reasons Droid is Better??

Are there definite reasons why Android phones are better than iPhones? We all know there are differences in the way the two phones function, but aren’t they just that? Different ways of doing the same thing? The following video reports unequivocally that Android phones are better. Is he right?

This short video from CNET’s Brian Cooley discussing his top 5 reasons why he thinks Droid phones are flat out better than iPhones. Frankly, while he does make some valid points, he may have missed on some others… I’ll let you be the judge:

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Leaked Image of The Droid Bionic

The 2 New Contenders for this Fall

Motorola’s newest entry into the smartphone market has been delayed, which is not exactly new news. The Droid Bionic was originally slated for a Q2 release but has been rescheduled until sometime in August or September. In either case, I’m sure that Motorola will aim to have this phone released before the serious competition hits the market – the iPhone5. Can the Droid Bionic beat out the iPhone5?

Droid Bionic leaked image

Droid Bionic leaked


This image is reported to be a leaked image of the soon to be released Droid Bionic. If it is, I would have to say that Motorola has to do better than this!


Smartphones are more than just phones these days. In fact, being a phone is probably their least talked about functionality – it’s simply a given. We look at our cell phones dozens (maybe even hundreds) of times per day. They should be designed as beautiful objects to look at and to hold. I would have to say that Apple has long understood this and is ahead of the game on this respect. Get it together Motorola!


As of this writing we know that the Bionic will have or be capable of:

  • •4G LTE
  • •WiFi
  • •HDMI output (TV out)
  • •a 4.3 inch display (quite large)
  • •3G wireless hotspot connectivity
  • •GPS
  • •8 MP camera that will work in low light (yeah!!)
  • •720p HD video capture and a front-facing camera capable of Video Chat
  • •a 1Ghz Tegra Dual core processor

The processor may be switched over to a dual core Texas Instruments OMAP processor rumor has it.  The Droid, Droid X and Droid 2 all use the OMAP processor but obviously if the Bionic were to be released with one it would be the most recent version.

Skype will be able to run in video chat mode with the Bionic. The Droid Bionic will also support the Android Netflix app. It will be one of only a few select phones to have this capability. This makes sense seeing as how this phone will have an HDMI output so that you could watch movies on your large screen television. Also important will be the support of Adobe Flash and HTML 5 out of the box. It will also have built in support for Facebook, Picasa, Twitter and the Android Marketplace.

It’s difficult to say at this point if the Bionic will be released with Android 2.2 or 2.3 as the latter is slated for release in Q3 2011 which would coincide with the launch date of the Bionic.

As far as the new iPhone5 release date, Katy Huberty (from Morgan Stanley) has claimed that “Apple’s next iPhone will begin production in mid-to-late August and ramp aggressively”. I think it’s safe to say that September will be a very interesting month!

iPhone5 release set for September?

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iPhone5 – Could this be a game changer for the Droid vs iPhone debate?

The once believed rumor of the new iPhone5 release date being slated for September appear to be more than just that. On June 22, Bloomberg is hinting that this may be fact. The next generation iPhone (iPhone5) will be getting the new A5 chip which is currently powering the iPad2. This new chip is a dual-core processor which will make the new iPhone very speedy indeed (not that the iPhone4 was any slouch!)!!.

Also new to the iPhone5 will be a new 8 megapixel rear facing camera. The current 5 megapixel camera in the iPhone4 is actually a very good performer compared to the camera in the Droid phones we’ve seen so a further upgrade should make it a clear, (pardun the pun) winner. So it looks like, (besides the new A5 processor and 8 megapixel camera) the new iPhone5 will be a complete version upgrade rather than a minor enhancement (like the iPad2 release). Not only on the inside , but the outside appearance as well. It is rumored that the new look may resemble the look of the Macbook Air.

Mobile Payment Technology Coming To iPhone?

Mobile payment technology seems to be all the rage these days and there is little doubt that the iPhone5 will contain this latest technology. This is the technology that would allow a person to “wave” their device near a reader at checkout counters in order to pay for products or services. Since Apple Stores are currently being outfitted with specially wired tables, it seems that this feature will indeed be a reality.

Could iOS5 be the reason for a September iPhone5 release?

We’ve known for a while now that Apple has been planning a new operating system (iOS) for the iPhone and iPad (iOS5). Apple has been planning the release of the new OS for September so it would seem logical that they would want to ship the new iPhone5 with a sparkling new operating system. This would also explain why for the first time Apple missed their yearly upgrade (re)launch of a device. It normally happened so regularly that you could set your watch to it!

There is also a less expensive iPhone model in the works. It is a bit unclear whether this would simply be the iPhone4 or possibly an entirely new cheaper model aimed for the developing countries market.

The New iPad3 on The Horizon

The next iPad is currently undergoing testing. The iPad2 seemed to be a bit of a let down as reported by most users. While it does sport the new A5 dual-core chip, there was little else that changed. Even the screen of the iPad2 was the same as the original iPad. I think it will be safe to say that the iPad3 will have an upgraded screen to match the quality of their heavily touted iPhone4 Retina display. The new screen will also be more responsive which may lead to additional new features. I think we can expect to see the new iPad3 make a debut appearance just before Christmas this year.

Apps will no doubt be all the rage this year. Do you have a great idea for an app and want to make it into the Appstore but don’t know how? Check this out.

After Bloomberg released their report, Apple’s stock rose to close above $330 US a share showing that Apple is still a much loved darling of Wall Street.



Beyond Droid vs iPhone

The Droid vs iPhone comparison should take into consideration some phones other than the Droid. While it’s not a Droid smartphone per se (although it does use the Android OS), the Motorola Atrix is worth a look. After all Motorola is billing it as “The world’s most powerful smartphone“.

It may be that for now, but possibly not for long, as the release of the new iPhone5 is just around the corner. The Atrix was released late february/early march of this year (2011) only several weeks ago…

The Atrix implement’s a mighty dual-core processor.

The push towards dual-core is to give Android (the operating system on the Atrix and Droid series phones) a huge boost in multitasking power. We now know that the new iPhone5, that will be coming out later this year, will also be sporting a dual-core cpu and Motorola’s Droid Bionic coming out this summer will have the same. Dual-core is definitely the next wave of tech improvements to hit smartphones, and your phone won’t be worth squat if doesn’t have it, because you can bet that soon all the latest apps will require it.

The Atrix

The Atrix

The Atrix has a big first for smartphones – fingerprint recognition technoology.

This would certainly make it more secure than a smartphone using traditional passwords to gain access and possibily faster for the legitimate owner too. This may be a recurring trend in cellphone technology, hopefully so.

As with the other Droid series phones, the Atrix incorporates expandable memory in it’s design. Out of the box the Atrix comes with 16GB but you can upgrade that easily with a micro SD card to 48GB. That’s plenty for all kinds of stuff, including movies and loads of music.

A small reminder that the iPhone memory is not expandable. What you get when you unbox your iPhone is what you are stuck with. Apple needs to address this issue, but I don’t think it will be addressed in the iPhone5.

The screen size of the Atrix (again a first) was the world’s first qHD 960×540 display, which is the same resolution as the Droid Bionic and less than the iPhone4 which has a 960×640 display. Remember that there are 2 aspects to the perceived quality of your smartphone’s screen:

  1. The physical screen size
  2. The amount of pixels

The iPhone4 has a screen size of 3.5 inches measured diagonally. The Atrix has a 4 inch diagonal screen while the Droid Bionic has a 4.3 inch diagonal span. So while the physical size of the Atrix and Bionic’s screens are larger, the resolution is actually less than that of the Apple iPhone4’s Retina display.

The Atrix has a front and rear facing camera and with the Qik app you have face-to-face chat equivalent to Apple’s Facetime.

An HDMI output is standard on the Atrix. This allows a user to output video from the Atrix to a HDTV.

The Best Droid in the Droid vs iPhone Shootout?

The best Droid will undoubtedly be the Droid Bionic soon to be released and the best iPhone will most certainly be the iPhone5 which will be released later this year as well. Now whether Apple’s next offering will win out over Motorola’s, is yet to be seen…

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